A Deep Dive into Engineering Change Request (ECR)

engineering change request

It is a common scenario where more than 60% of the system’s need undergoes changes before it is put into service. Changes also do happen after a product is released for consumer usage, due to various consumer feedback…

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Introduction To Engineering Change Management

One of the core functionalities in PLM Practice is efficiently managing changes a product undergoes in its lifecycle.  The amount of strict discipline to be followed in this process is inevitable. Changes to a product cannot be made on the fly, and…

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Model of Change Margins

model of change margins

An Introduction to “Model of Change Margins”: As the saying goes “Change is Inevitable”, so is the design modifications of an engineering product or any parts associated with it. Engineering products undergo constant changes, during the entire product…

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How Much Change is Good?


Design process undergoes multiple change iterations. Decisions are made and then revisited, they are revised and changed. This process repeats throughout the design process. This process not only applies to products that are in realization phase, but also…

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The Management in “PLM”

Product lifecycle managemnet

What is Management? How do I manage? What do managers do? These are most common queries that most of us have been asked more than once. Harold D. Koontz who was an American organizational theorist, famously quoted “Management…

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The LifeCycle in “PLM”

human lifecycle

What is a PLM Lifecycle? While we talk about PLM Lifecycle, It is said the concept of lifecycle was first put forward in the middle of twentieth century, to explain the expected life cycle of a typical product…

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The Product in “PLM”


What is a Product? Well, everything in this universe can be contributed to a product. A product can be a good, a product can be a service, a product can be a idea that may yield a tangible…

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What really is PLM?

PLM Intro

To understand what really PLM is and why manufacturing companies spend so much in this domain, it is important to go back in time and analyze how the evolution started. While in the middle of last century, changes…

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