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Is your PLM Implementation, right?

PLM Implementation

Is your PLM Implementation, right? Although there are many definitions available for PLM in the market, in general PLM is a concept that establish a product definition information captured during its lifecycle. A PLM solution is an intended…

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Handling Product’s BigData in PLM


If we flashback on how PLM had evolved from a simple engineering control system to an organizational practice that helped companies to manage the complete lifecycle of the product, we can see the amount of data associated with…

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Connecting Process Silos with Digital Thread

industry 4.0

With the advent of Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies are going through a fascinating era, where the digital wave unbolted fresh paths for enhancing the design process, improving the manufacturing cycle, and provide better service to end users. This…

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and PLM Transformation

Industry4.0 and PLM

We stepped over the first two industrial revolution cycles, when the former focused on introducing hydraulic and steam to empower manufacturing process and the later introduced the more powerful electricity for mass production. Things became interesting, when we…

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Why do we need Configurable BOM or 150% BOM?

product variants

One of the BOM type that was mentioned in the last article is “Configurable BOM” aka 150%BOM. Why do we need Configurable BOM, and how does it help to transform from traditional manufacturing environment to adapt more flexible…

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Bill of Materials (BOM) and its importance

bill of materials

A product is made up made up multiple parts. These parts which help in building the finished product, can itself be manufactured using several other raw materials. A product’s hierarchical structure defines the list of parts or components…

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Few Tips for Successful PLM Implementation

A nice PLM practice is all about people, process and tools. A PLM software tool is one of the mandatory constituent of an effective PLM practice in a company. Even an organization which has the industry experts in…

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Challenges in successful implementation of PLM system

frustrated developer

As discussed in my previous article, an efficient PLM practice requires a robust PLM digital system to support it. There are various challenges faced by an organization when a new PLM software tool is introduced in the chain….

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PLM Software Tools For Effective PLM Practice

plm software

As I discussed in my first article, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a practice and a predefined discipline followed in an organization to effectively manage all kinds of information that affects a product. This information can be as small…

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Handling Engineering Change Order (ECO)


Introduction to Engineering Change Order (ECO): In the previous post we discussed about Engineering Change Request (ECR), in which a problem is identified  and a change is initiated. We discussed on how a change control board (CCB) participates…

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